Michael Weilacher


19.01 - How time flies when you are having fun and I am. Released four Vlogs pertaining to extended Vibraphone techniques which you can view right here: One, Two, Three, Four

21.01 - Performed Yousif Sheronick’s Manta Ray Dance for Solo Riqq three times last October. Check out the video by clicking on the link above.

07.01 - Well sorry for not posting since September but I purchased a new Mac and this website is running on my old laptop. Whatever. Great to share this upcoming date with the wonderful Sarah Maria Sun and Ensemble MusikFabrik. Luciano Berio’s Folksongs, just click on the link for the info.

28.09 - Looking forward to three performances of David Friedman’s Vibraphone solo Looking Back plus my premier of Yousif Sheronick’s Manta Ray Dance for solo Riqq. All taking place as part of new project with the wonder ful ensemble Mixtura. Our premier is taking place at the Sprengel Museum in Hannover on October the 2nd. Check the link.

06.08 - Got my final vaccination today and also posted my lasted video Vacilaciones for vibraphone solo which is sort of how I feel today. Watch the video to see what I mean.

16.07 - This is a wonderful project I was part of back in 2016. I wasn’t even aware that the documentary film had been made and released online. Unfortunate that the project didn’t continue after the film was made but grateful the Mekomot has been documented and preserved.

12.05 - A long awaited accomplishment on my behalf but finally out there. David Friedman’s solo vibraphone piece Looking Back, recorded and on video. This is part of a bigger project still in the works. Check back for my details later on this month.

03.05 - Had a great time last week performing at the BKA in Berlin after a long absence of more than 4 years. I thank Martin Daske for his wonderful and skillful vierdo work. Check it out right here: Metal Thorn Wooden Rose.

21.04 - Check out my photo page.

01.03 - Hopefully coming to the end of some dark winter days here in Berlin. To kick off the coming spring, here’s wonderful video performance of the performance of Ana Maria Rodriguez’s Objects of Death No.1 with Ana Maria Rodriguez on electronics and myself on percussion recorded in November of last year and just out now.

07.02 - Was more than happy to be part of the premier of Emre Dündar’s “Sorieé Gothique” that he composed in 2018 but hadn’t till now been performed. The performance was part of the annual Ultraschall festival in Berlin. You can stil catch the stream here, so scroll down or listen to the whole concert.

01.01. Kicking off the new year with a new photo from the young Chilean Photographer Edgard Berendsen. Check out my Photo page to see it or go here where you can see some more cool photos of the band Schwelbrand.

15.12 - A long awaited update but nonetheless, very happy to share with you a video of a solo marimba piece by Anais-Nour Benlachhab that I performed for the streaming version od KNM Contemporaries 2020 - Music in the Making. Here’s the link: Éveil.

16.10 - Solo performance of a new piece by Ana Maria Rodriguez entitled ‘Objects of Death No. 1’ will be taking place in the 30th edition of Klagwerkstatt here in Berlin. For details just click on this link: Objects of Death No. 1

08.09 - Found this great little animated tidbit that I made the music for floating out on the net so thought I’d post the link here. The film was part of my involvement in the art academy Ghent, Belgium way back in the year 2000 where I worked as a musician on several animated films. Click this Drop Out link to get you there.

27.06 - Just posted two vibraphone solo works from Ali N. Askin and Christopher Deane on my Audio page. Click here to go to that page and then look under Vibraphone Solos.

16.06 - a long awaited update since my last post. Happy to announce I’ll be performing 3 vibraphone solo works as well as some chamber music with the RIAS Chamber Choir . The live concert is taking place on 21.06 at 21:00 and as we know only available as a stream which you can find here: Reflections. Scroll down to find the program and enjoy!

21.04 - Signed up on Appassio, a new live online teaching platform for artistic and creative subjects only. For those of you who are interested, you can check out my profile here: Michael Weilacher

23.03 - Posted last week as a mock up rendition for the upcoming German premier happening in Berlin this July. Leah Muir’s Just 34 for Extended Marimba and Vibraphone. Click on the link to watch.

18.02 - Here’s another blast from the past and something to warm these hopefully last days of winter. Ray Gibson’s Supersonic Morning with none other than....on drums/percussion.

28.01 - Up and coming performances of the dance piece “Drops and Seeds” in Radialsystem Berlin premiering this Friday. Click on the link for tickets and details.

31.12 - Just finished a quick edit of some concert material of me playing congas and other hand drums. Very lo-fi but still enjoyable. Click on the link: conga excerpts.

10 - 11.12 - Looking forward to the up and coming recording session with the Ali Askin quintet at Blackbird Music Studios here in Berlin. Stay tuned for more info including videos and sample tracks.

16.11 - Happy to be performing Hanns Eisler’s music again. This time at the Alte Oper Frankfurt.

10.11 - Making a small appearance with the Junge Philharmonie Kreuzberg performing Porgy and Bess and Queen Songs at the UdK Hardenbergstr. in Berlin.

23.10 - Here’s a flashback to 2013 at the end of my tour through Italy with The Somnambulist.

25.10 - Axe and Pile will be preforming with our wonderful guest musician Cosima Gerhardt on Cello at the Hochschule für Musik in Hannover. You can search for the info right here.

12.10- Performing at the Foro Internacional de Musica Nova with Ensemble KNM.

10.10 - Will be performing Leah Muir’s ‘Just 34’ for extended Vibraphone and E player at the Goethe Institution in Mexico City. The concert is supported by the Heroines of Sound Berlin.

12.09 - My duo Axe and Pile with Seth Josel on electric guitar will be performing an improvised set at Hosek Contemporary. Check out their website for all the information.

13 and 14.08 - Performing Georg Friedrich Haas’s ‘In Vain’ with Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin at Radialsytem in Berlin.

06.08 - Now online, our latest film documenting Graffiti in Berlin: Rat Bamboo.

19.07 - Will be performing with Ali Askin and Band at the 30th Zappanale in Bad Doberan. Come and join the fun: https://www.zappanale.de/de/

01.07 - Back from a 3 month stint in Venice, Italy. Did some great performances as part of the Warren Neidich Exhibition ‘Rumor to Delusion’ at the Zuecca Art Space: http://www.zueccaprojects.org/project/rumor-to-delusion/

17.06 - Presentation of ‘Private Sponsor #1’ by my wife Leah as part of her stipend at the German Center for Italian Studies in Venice, Italy. It was great to take part as a performer for this work and to have the wonderful opportunity to film at the Palazzo Barbarigo: https://www.palazzobarbarigo.com/